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The answer to this starts in 2015, when Facebook was still widely being used in my community. At that time, Instagram had a 3D vintage icon and was termed as a app for wannabe photographers, food bloggers and artists.

It slowly developed into a better inclusive application which slowly overtook its parent Facebook. Then came the stories which even though was“inspired” from Snapchat, was a resounding success when linked with the already existing framework of the app.

A while ago, IGTV was introduced, Somewhat nestled into the app, which I guess is no more for just bloggers, or creatives but has evolved exponentially. IGTV was rather weird with its static loading and rather weird UI. (Which they improved, obviously)

I have been an active user since 2018, uploading some of my work in the app and I slowly also moved on to learning the insights and promotion parts of the app after I shifted to a creative profile.

A week ago, India banned 59 Chinese based apps, Including the video sharing behemoth, TikTok. This has cause a noticeable void in the video scene. Many Indian based apps used this opportunity to get their products in.

Facebook realized a golden opportunity and started testing their “Reels” 2 days ago from when I have published this article. I then opened Instagram, Then I felt, What is this App now?

It now is like a shopping mall to me, Speaking about malls, They also have “Shop” for linking other shopping websites to the products in some posts. There are also talks of removing the activity tab (Heart icon) and have “Shop” instead of it. Coming back, Instagram feels like its too much, But also the right amount.

I admire the experience which handles all the things happening in the app. To give a clear pictures, I will list out the features I have seen (In India)

  1. The Home Feed
  2. General Stories
  3. Saved posts
  4. Explore Feed
  5. Explore Videos
  6. IGTV
  7. Reels
  8. Shop
  9. Personal Profile
  10. Messaging (With pretty much Whatsapp level features)

I’m not criticizing that it has lost its identity, In fact it has promoted more creators to use the platform. I feel it has become an all in one app which is pretty much essential if you want to stay close to current trends. It also makes sure the user will be spending more time in the platform.

Its amazing that Instagram has achieved this, But also, I’m curious how their future plans are going to be and if there is any other social media platform going to challenge since TikTok’s situation isn’t looking good globally.

Hi, This is my first ever Article and wanted to share my thoughts on the app which I have been actively using for a while. I am currently learning User Experience and felt its good to share these opinions as I can learn by writing also also by the feedback for it.

An Architecture Graduate aspiring to learn User Experience. Also freelancing part time as an Illustrator and Photographer.

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